How Important is Headless Architecture in a proved market

by Nitikesh Pattanayak

In the current market, there are multiple technologies available in market for developing any kind of application. Whether it is Web Application or Mobile Application. But after doing a proper market research, we found that the average loading time for all the applications are 2 – 3 seconds. Find the below chart to understand more about the page load time (PLT).

There are certain negative effects which will come with a higher load time. Such as,

  1. High Bounce Rate
  2. Decrease in Traffic
  3. Low conversion rate
  4. Direct impact on SEO
  5. Compromised User Experience
    And many more…

In many industries, there are certain rules & regulations being followed to maintain the ideal load time. Find the below image to get aquatinted with the ideal load time.

Now that we know the importance of loading time, i will tell you about two types of development practices.

  1. Server-side Development – Execution happens at server side & User needs to download the entire content to see the output.
  2. Client-side Development – Execution happens at client side / at local system & user does not need to download the entire content.

At the moment, there are countless open source products are available such as Wordpress/Magento/Drupal/ERPNext etc. Which are completely based on Server-side languages. And the one factor which limiting its page load speed.

To overcome from certain scenarios, we use headless architecture to increase its load time, creating an environment full of micro services & avoid the risk of shell based code.

There are certain Headless tools which can be helpful for your future endeavors. Such as,

  1. gatsbyjs
  2. Ext.js
  3. electronjs
  4. vue.js
  5. Next.js
    And many more…

I hope that, i was able to describe the content properly and helped you learn a new thing. If you like the content, please spread the love by Like, Comment & Share.

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